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What is Western Australia like?

Western Australia / September 16, 2020

I grew up in rural Western Australia and despite spending several years in Perth have recently moved back. Around 200 km from Perth you are going to find yourself in the wheatbelt, lots of small towns, typically under 1000 people and many considerably smaller than that. Most towns will have a joined primary and secondary school, sometimes for the larger ones such as Merredin they might have a christian school as well and a TAFE. So far as public transportation some towns will have a weekly bus service to Perth, otherwise a string of towns are connected to the rail lines and serviced by the MerredinLink and Prospector.

Typically each town will also have an IGA and a seperate butchers, hardware stores and those servicing farm equipment are omnipresent, every town will have the local bar as well. Each town will usually have its own hospital and a single GP who operates from an office attached to the hospital but their services are often quite limited, if you want a maternity ward for instance you have to get ready to get to Perth in a hurry or have them fly you out in an emergency.

The temperatures are MUCH hotter than anything Perth typically experiences as its cooled by the sea breeze coming in. A 40+C day is not out of the ordinary for summer but most houses will have some form of air conditioning.

Everything out here tends to revolve around the farmers who basically define the economy of the region, so even if you aren’t farming yourself expect to hear people talking about the weather regularly or how so and so’s header has broken down or how this other persons field got half burnt to the ground by some errant spark.

Internet service largely depends where you are, the size of the town and so on as does mobile coverage, Telstra is near omnipresent but Optus also has a sizable network, in both cases expect deadzones even along the major roads and highways.

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