Perth s population hits two million people and remains Australia s

What is the population of Western Australia?

Western Australia / September 25, 2016

Western Australia Tomorrow is a set of forecasts* representing the best estimate of Western Australia’s future population size based on current fertility, mortality and migration trends. These trend forecasts are used to identify potential preferred future scenarios that can be built upon; as well as less favourable possibilities for which mitigating action can be taken.

The State Government has released a number of planning strategies to best manage predicted future population trends across Western Australia. These include Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million, Directions 2031 and beyond and a series of regional blueprints.

The aggregate forecast presented in Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million is consistent with WA Tomorrow; while in other documents such as the regional blueprints, the forecasts represent aspirational targets for the communities involved, based on a view that assumes a series of interventions.

Future Western Australia Tomorrow forecasts will incorporate changes achieved through these planning strategies.

Western Australia Tomorrow includes a forecast range known as ‘bands’. Users can choose from five forecasts (bands) which best suit their purposes. Bands A and B contain the lower forecasts, Band C is the median forecast and bands D and E represent the higher forecasts.

*As with the previous set of forecasts, the terms ’forecast’ and ‘projection’ have the same meaning within this document.

Current population projections

Western Australia Tomorrow, Population Report No. 10, Medium-term Forecasts for Western Australia 2014-2026 and Sub-regions 2016-2026
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Western Australia Tomorrow, Population Report No. 9, Long Term Population Forecasts for Western Australia, 2031 to 2061.

Household forecasts - Western Australia Tomorrow, Population Report No. 8, 2006

Household projections are useful for understanding future housing needs and associated service provision. These projections are based on the Western Australia Tomorrow population forecasts and as such, include a level of uncertainty.

Forecasts are provided for family and group household size, by local government authority. Forecasts also include the number of people in lone person households and non-private dwellings.