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Western Australia / January 22, 2018

Western Australia (WA) is easily Australia’s largest state covering an area of around 2, 529, 875 km². If it were a separate country all on its own, and some people around these parts think it is, it would be the 10th largest country in the world, behind Argentina and Kazakhstan. The UK would fit into WA just over 10 times and it is bigger than Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada all added together.

It has a population of around 2.52 million people. It is known as “The Real Thing” and the people who live there are known as “Sand Gropers”.

Western Australia State Location Map Favourite attractions over in WA include Rottnest Island, a day trip from Perth and Shark Bay Marine Park, part of the famous Shark Bay world heritage region.

Famous Australians who originated from the state include the late Heath Ledger, comedian Tim Minchin and Australian Vogel Prize winning writer Tim Winton.

Places in Western Australia

The capital city of Western Australia is Perth, but there are plenty other major towns, cities and localities to choose from within the state.

Here is a list of towns with a population in excess of 10, 000 people.

Populations of places change on a daily basis. When I compiled this list in 2011, I got my population figures from various sources and some of them are from the census of 2006. I have decided not to try to constantly update these population numbers, so if you are interested in a certain city or town, then you may want to search online for updated information about the population.

That way you can see if the population is growing, unchanged or shrinking.

  • Mandurah – about 68, 000
  • Rockingham – just over 67, 000
  • Bunbury – almost 55, 000
  • Kalgoorlie-Boulder – just over 28, 000
  • Geraldton – about 27, 000
  • Albany – just over 25, 000
  • Kwinana – roughly 20, 000
  • Busselton – about 15, 000
  • Ellenbrook – nearly 12, 000
  • Karratha about 11, 000
  • Port Hedland – around 11, 000
  • Broome – about 11, 000
  • Esperance – nearly 10, 000, so worth a mention

There are also many towns and locations with a population of under 10, 000 people. If you live in any town in WA, why not tell us about it in the comments below…

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