Bus Shelter in Exmouth, Western Australia with Share a Ride

Western Australia Bus

Western Australia / May 25, 2020

Swan Transit has a total fleet of almost 600 buses that operate urban bus services under long-term contracts to the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia. These services commenced in January 1996 and Swan Transit currently operates approximately one third of Perth’s metropolitan bus network. Swan Transit employs over 1, 000 staff and operates its fleet from nine depots across Perth, transporting 27 million passengers per annum.

In January 2015, Swan Transit commenced operations of the Bunbury and Busselton Regional Town Bus Service Contracts in South West WA. Transit operates 62 buses from three depots located in Bunbury, Busselton and Dunsborough.

Swan Transit endeavours to provide the West Australian Government and its passengers with:

  • A high quality, efficient and reliable transport service;
  • Exceptional customer service with polite and friendly staff;
  • A stable and well trained workforce;
  • Innovative route planning solutions;
  • A willingness to collaborate with Government to solve problems and deliver long term value for money;
  • Vehicles presented to the highest standards; and

Source: www.transitsystems.com.au