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Famous Landmarks in Western Australia

Western Australia / April 15, 2021

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the largest state in Australia. It is situated along the Swan River which was named after the black swans that are nesting in the wet areas. There are many fun things to do and places to see in this great western state of Australia.

Swan River

The Swan River meanders through the city of Perth to the Port of Fremantle. With over 50 kilometers of cycling tracks and walking pathways built along the Swan River, the public has easy access along this beautiful foreshore. Popular activities here include biking, cycling, skating and walking. The river is also a great place to go fishing, sailing, windsurfing and kayaking.

Malls and Shopping Arcades

Perth's major streets in the CBD are St George's Terrace, Murray Street, Wellington Street and Hay Street. The Hay Street and Murray Street Malls are two parallel pedestrian shopping malls in the CBD. There are a variety of shops and cafes in the two malls, together with several covered shopping arcades that stretches across the major streets in the area. Be sure to check out the Piccadilly Arcade for electronics, books and magazines. The Victorian looking Trinity Arcade has several levels of fashion stores, antiques, cafes and lots more. More shops can be found at Allendale Arcade, Enex100, Carillon City Arcade and Forrest Chase Shopping areas.

London Court

Get a glimpse of London in Perth! The clock on the tower at the Hay Street end of London Court chimes every quarter of an hour with mechanised knights moving around in the castle. There is another clock at the St Georges Terrace end. The London Court shopping arcade between Hay Street and St Georges Terrace is open-roof and displays England's architectural facade from the Tudor and Elizabethan eras. Shops line both sides of the London Court arcade, selling souvenirs, contemporary-style clothings and fashion accessories. Unknown to most people, there are shops and offices on the upper levels of the London Court.

Kings Park

Sitting on 400 hectares and an altitude of 43 metres, this large urban park has a whole lot of gardens, playgrounds, picnic areas, landmarks and monumental structures. It overlooks the lovely Swan River and has a fantastic panoramic view of the city skyline.

There are many interesting things to do in Kings Park, from sightseeing to dining, trekking, cycling, picnics and barbeques. You can easily spend the whole day at this highland park!

Perth Zoo

The Perth Zoo was opened in 1898. Currently, there are over one thousand animals in the Perth Zoo, from Australian native animals to exotic non-native species. The zoo also participates in breeding endangered animals under the conservation programs. Come and see the numbat, an endangered marsupial and Australia's only mammal to feed on termites.


A few of Perth's suburban beaches are very close to the city. The beaches in Scarborough, Swanbourne (a nudist beach), City Beach and Cottlesloe are all within 20km from the city centre and they are amongst the finest in Australia. Located next to the Indian Ocean and in the vicinity of Perth's busy residential suburbs, these areas are populated with shops and cafes. They are some of Perth's popular hangouts places for both local residents and tourists.