Indian Pacific - Rail Journey Sydney to Perth

Train Across Australia Sydney Perth

Sydney / August 2, 2017

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1. Re: Indian Pacific Sydney - Perth - Anyone Done It?

It's a lovely cruise train, with comfy bedsin private sleepers, a lounge car, and an elegant restaurant with decent food - a rolling hotel.

The scenery through the Blue Mountains out of Sydney is great, and I seem to remember waking up beyond Broken Hill with emus running around outside my window.

The Adelaide-Perth bit takes you across the Nullarbor Plain. As its name suggests, it's flat and treeless. Some will say it's uninteresting, but hang on, this is the point - you're crossing Australia's famous Nullarbor, and you get a sense of its sheer vastness by train, as you knock back your chardonnay and catch up on your reading with your feet up.

I remember the fabulous evening light on the eucalyptus trees as we came off the Nullarbor as the sun set over dinner in the restaurant car. We were trying to spot koalas, but didn't see any!

The stop at Kalgoorlie is long enough to have a wander round that mining town, which is well worth doing, it's an interesting town.