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Indian Restaurants in Sydney Australia

Sydney / August 21, 2018

I’ve been living in Australia for the past six months, while I complete my Masters of Accounting (Advanced) at Australian Catholic University in Sydney. It was a Friday evening and I was missing my mom’s food (or should I say I was missing good Indian food ;)) so I decided to go out and find a restaurant that serves authentic Indian cuisine.

I was apprehensive as to whether I would be able to get authentic Indian food in Australia. I rang a friend of mine and he offered to take me and my friends to “Cheema da Dhaba” (Dhaba means a roadside truck stop in Punjabi) in Granville offering Indian and Pakistani Cuisine.

.When I entered the restaurant, I got a glimpse of India, with Bollywood music playing, the aroma of Indian spices spread all over and pictures of India hung on the walls. The ambiance was really pleasant. The customers also seemed to really enjoy their food as well as the music. We were given a warm welcome with a big broad smile.

The menu offered a wide range of food, from mouth-watering Indian snacks to spicy dishes and sweet traditional Indian desserts. We actually got confused about what to order and what not! Finally we decided on Palak Papri Chaat (a crispy spinach base and with a combination of potato, chickpeas, tomato and onion). We also ordered Lahori Tikka (chicken fillets marinated in a yogurt ginger garlic paste and cooked to perfection in the tandoor) in entrée.

The main-course order included Shabnam Curry Mild (button mushrooms and green peas cooked in a delicious cashew sauce), Malai Kofta (cottage cheese and potato cooked in a mildly spiced sauce and garnished with sultanas), Patiala Goat curry (slow cooked goat cooked with tomatoes, ginger, cardamom, garlic, mace and nutmeg) which is Chef’s speciality, Kadhai Beef and Tandoori king prawns (delicious prawns smothered in a creamy tomato sauce) along with Cheema di Bread basket, Kashmiri Pilaf, Punjabi Salad and a glassful of sweet lassi for each one of us. The waiter said, with a smile, the order would only take 15 mins :D.

While we were waiting for our order, they served us with crunchy and crispy ‘papadums’ with green mint chutney (sauce). We didn’t have to wait for long as the service was excellent and so was the presentation of the food ;). The food looked sumptuous and I could smell the Indian spices blended and cooked with other ingredients. Every dish was special in its ownway and tasted luscious. Be it veg or non-veg, entrée or main-course, we enjoyed everything! 😀 Needless to say that their deserts were also delicious!

And not to forget the hospitality was awesome. The chef was so friendly that he himself came up to ask how we liked the food ;). While talking to him we got to know that he came to Australia in the late 1980s and started from the bottom of the kitchen and is today one of the most beloved Indian chefs in Australia!

We were all happy to have gone there and taste such a mouth-watering and scrumptious food. And thanks to the friend who suggested us an amazing restaurant that truly serves the real taste of India.

Cheema da Dhaba
103 South Street Granville, Sydney, Australia. ph: 02 9760 0500

So if you are looking for a ‘real taste from home’ in Sydney, hesitate no further. You are bound to find it!