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Sydney / January 3, 2014

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'A different kind of summer school' For those who aspire and achieve: a taste of university life in English-speaking countries Kingdom Education offers novel, exciting and stimulating programmes to students who like to be challenged intellectually and creatively. They’re specially designed for high school students considering their options for university or college – whether in an English-speaking country, or elsewhere. Our programmes are held on the cam… [+] puses of leading universities. Most are multi-centre, so students can see different sides of the country visited. They take place in the United Kingdom from early July to early August, in the United States of America in July, in Canada in August, and, for closed groups, between December and February in Australia and New Zealand. Considering university or college in one of the countries offered? This will be a huge investment – in terms both of money and of time. Make sure it’s the right investment! These are the questions which we think students should be asking themselves: Am I choosing the right subject, and am I preparing for it correctly? Is it the right university or the right city for me? Is it the right country for me? Kingdom Education helps students to find answers to these questions by: Introducing them to a choice of subject area, and to skills which they’ll need in the future Taking them to see a selection of universities, in many cases, with presentations by admissions staff Visiting the cities in which the universities are based Showing what life is like as a university student in whichever country is visited Who can take a KE summer programme? Students aged 14-16 Students aged 16-18 Native speakers of English and learners at intermediate level or above (min. 5.5 [IELTS]/80 [TOEFL iBT]/B2 [CEF]/FCE). And is it suitable? Kingdom Education is definitely suitable for students who are looking for opportunities to: Think in new ways Challenge themselves Meet interesting new people with ideas and imagination KE programmes run just for two or three weeks, occasionally four, but they’re full of activity and action. We must be honest: if you’re looking for programmes in which much of the time is spent on games and shopping, these might not be the right choice. But if you’re looking for an experience which will really change perceptions, please continue. This really is ‘A DIFFERENT KIND OF SUMMER SCHOOL…’ The programmes Offered in the UK (early July – mid-August), the USA (July), Canada (August), Australia or New Zealand (mainly January, mainly for groups) Run for two weeks or three weeks (sometimes four) during university vacations Generally multi-centre Each programme has a number of different courses (one per week) and special features unique to Kingdom Education. The courses Each programme includes different courses: 2-week programmes include two courses, each lasting one week 3-week programmes include three courses, each lasting one week 4-week programmes include four courses, each lasting one week Course 1 (the order in which the courses are taken may vary) Specialist subject – students choose one of these (or two for 4-week programmes): Creative arts Economics, business & entrepreneurship Engineering & technology Law, society & international relations Medical sciences & psychology Course 2 ‘Skills for learning’– students choose one of these, depending on their interest and level of English: Critical thinking SAT and ACT preparation (USA only) English for academic purposes (EAP) (UK only) Communication skills with TOEFL (USA) or IELTS (other countries) Course 3 (all 3-week programmes, plus 2-week programmes with St Andrews) Leadership training and development Each course includes 16 hours of classroom tuition, plus homework and project work, and the maximum class size is 15 (though most classes are smaller). ‘Skills for living’ – with university preparation These special features prepare students for many aspects of life, at university and beyond, and are included on every programme: Applying for university – guidance in making a good choice, with an introduction to application procedures, followed by practice in drafting personal statements or essays, and by two one-to-one interviews Study visits – visits to famous cities, including one or more universities, followed by general sightseeing (each visit is preceded by a seminar about the places which are seen) Student mentors – contact with carefully selected students from the universities visited, who introduce our KE students to life there Tutorials – weekly meetings in a small group News reviews – a 30-minute look at the daily news Special meals, with ‘dining & etiquette’ – formal dinner, preceded by a seminar on dining and etiquette – plus an afternoon tea (UK) or a barbecue (other countries) Local sports and pastimes – e.g. cricket, croquet, punting, baseball, golf Presentations – team presentations based on students’ experiences during the programme Study centres With Kingdom Education, students have the opportunity to live and study on the campuses of some of the leading universities in the English-speaking world, including: UK: London or Cambridge, plus Durham and St. Andrews. Visits to London, Cambridge, York and Edinburgh. USA: University of Massachusetts and/or UC Berkeley. Visits to New York, Boston and San Francisco. Canada: Calgary, and with a six-day tour ending in Vancouver (plus a chance to spend one week at UC Berkeley first). Australia: Queensland and Melbourne. Shorter stays in Sydney and Canberra. New Zealand: Visit all eight universities, and see the country from north to south. Our mission statement ‘Our mission is to provide ambitious young minds with the foundations for success in a global context. To this end, we offer life-changing experiences at centres of academic excellence across the English-speaking world, together with guidance on applying to top universities and on pursuing top careers. Our philosophy is that success depends not just on the ability to memorise and prepare for examinations, but also on critical and independent thought, on commitment and passion, on creativity and imagination, on teamwork and debate.’ The Kingdom Education 10-point difference What’s different about Kingdom Education? We’ve summarised the difference in these ten points: We have an atmosphere in which bright students can interact purposefully with other bright students, sharing ideas and aspirations. You can experience campus life at some of the most famous universities in one of five English-speaking countries: the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. You have the opportunity to take 2-centre or 3-centre programmes in order to see more aspects of the country visited. You’ll be...