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Temperatures in South Australia

South Australia / August 7, 2021

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) advises that AEMO is not forecasting electricity supply shortfalls for the high temperatures anticipated for the next four days in South Australia, however these conditions can change quickly due to unexpected generator or network issues.

As of 28 February, indications suggest that generation supply in the power system will be able to meet demand. However given the dynamic nature of the power system, changes in weather forecasts and or equipment failures, all can impact the situation quite quickly.

A protracted heat period, while not necessarily classed as ‘extreme weather’, has the potential to impact on the performance of some electricity equipment and infrastructure over the course of that period.

AEMO is engaging closely with local generators, network businesses and the South Australian government regarding reserve levels, generator availability, network outages and the forecast conditions to securely manage the power system.

AEMO will continue to monitor the market and the integrity of the power system and will inform of any updates as required.