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Park / January 8, 2021

Rose Park is a well established, high performing inner suburban primary school offering the IBPYP. Opened in 1893, with a number of heritage buildings and our new double story i-centre and classroom complex, the school houses some 550 students from Reception to year 7. Main features of our school include the extensive instrumental music program where 85% of our students play an instrument for the school, an outstanding science program including a dedicated science room, an exchange program for year 6 students annually to Japan and the reciprocal visits, and a comprehensive after school sporting program.

Primary Years Programme (PYP)

All students at Rose Park are part of our Primary Years Programme. We use inquiry as our pedagogy for engaging students in the deeper understanding and ownership of the learning. Our staff are highly skilled and professionally adept, and consist of course writers, workshop leaders and school visit trained professionals. The school makes a point of ensuring our teachers attend current, relative professional learning and they work collaboratively to deliver a quality inquiry program. Our whole school action plan is centered on authentic inquiry democratising our learning, and we constantly seek evidence for this research.