Admiral s Arch โ€“ Kangaroo Island, South Australia โ€“ Flinders Chase

Kangaroo Park Australia

Park / December 5, 2021

Red Kangaroos are social animals and move around in groups or 'mobs', which generally include one dominant male, a few adult females, and several juvenile males and females. Mobs will move where food is available but adults will typically return to a home range.

Males will fight for dominance in a mob, with the loser left to find another mob or remain subordinate in his current mob. Dominant males will mate with the adult females in their mob. The female Red Kangaroo reaches sexual maturity at 2 years of age whilst the male becomes sexually mature at 3 years. There is no set breeding season and the female can have 3 joeys in different stages of development at one time. The oldest joey remains out of the pouch but continues to drink from its mother, a milk rich in carbohydrates until it is fully weaned at 12 months of age. An unfurred joey remains in the pouch, suckling a different type of milk from its mother, whilst a third fertilised egg remains in a state of embryonic diapause. Once the unfurred joey has left the pouch, the embryonic joey will continue to develop.