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Hampton Park, Australia

Park / October 8, 2018

Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Sorting Facility

The Hampton Park site has a C&I Sorting Facility which sorts recyclables from waste loads presented at the weighbridge. Waste loads that are indicated to have a high percentage of recyclables are sent to the C&I Sorting Facility for further investigation. The items targeted for diversion from landfill, separation and recycling include:

  • Steel
  • Untreated timber
  • Cardboard/paper
  • Plastics

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Facility

Open hours: Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm

In partnership with SUEZ-ResourceCo the Hampton Park site operates a C&D Facility. Waste loads containing reinforced concrete, bricks, asphalt and mixed clean fill with rubble are diverted from landfill to the C&D Facility for sorting. From these materials a 20mm class 4 road base product is produced. The facility currently produces in excess of 100, 000 tonnes per annum of crushed rock base for sale back into the local construction market. Find out more about Hampton Park SUEZ-ResourceCo Recovery Facility here.

Product Destruction Unit

The technology deployed in the PDU is specifically tailored to the type of product being destroyed, be it end-of-line stock, out-of-date stock, recalled product, insurance claims, damaged stock or custom seized items. All products are held in a secure 24-hour video bonded area prior to destruction. Recyclable materials such as glass, aluminium, paper, cardboard, steel, plastic and liquid are recovered for reuse during the destruction process. Any non-recyclable remains are compacted and disposed of under supervision at SUEZ's onsite landfill.

Hampton Park Education Centre

The onsite Education Centre (formerly known as the Hallam Road Education Centre) provides a venue for the presentation of site information to school groups, community groups, international visitors and businesses interested in recycling, resource recovery and sustainable environmental practices. Since 2006 it has seen over 4, 100 visitors. For information on site visits for your school, community group or business contact 03 9554 4555.

Transfer Station

Open hours:
Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9am - 4pm

Transfer Station Enquiries: 03 9799 6277

Operated by Outlook Environmental, a not-for-profit organisation that provides employment opportunities for disadvantaged people, recyclables are accepted from the local community, at no charge, to encourage recycling, reuse and diversion from landfill. Employing the theory that 'one man's trash is another man's treasure' the onsite shop sells pre-loved goods such as bicycles, books, clothes, furniture and building materials.

The Hampton Park Transfer Station provides a public drop-off area for general waste and recyclables.

Accepted waste:

  • batteries
  • building materials
  • paint/oil
  • paper and cardboard
  • e-waste
  • glass
  • garden waste
  • household hazardous waste
  • ink cartridges
  • mattresses
  • metal
  • food waste
  • plastic
  • white goods
  • wood
  • tyres
  • rubber

Engineered Landfill (smart cell®)

Open hours:

Monday - Friday: 6am - 5am
Saturday: 6am - 1pm
Sunday: 7am - 12pm
Public Holidays: 6am - 3pm

The Hampton Park smart cell® site provides responsible environmental management of waste that cannot yet be reused or recycled from households, businesses and industry in the eastern and south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The onsite gas capture system converts biogas to energy and contributes enough electricity to the network to supply power to some 6, 500 homes.

Currently the Hampton Park smart cell® site deploys:

  • 14 ground water monitoring bores
  • 14 gas monitoring bores
  • 5 leachate sumps

The Hampton Park smart cell® site has Environmental Management ISO14001 and Occupational Health & Safety AS4801 certifications.
Under the current Planning Permit No. 930016A this smart cell® is permitted to operate until December 31, 2040. The smart cell®is also operated under the EPA Waste Discharge Licence No. ES33144.

For further information on our Victorian resource recovery, recycling and waste management services, please call our Customer Service Centre on 13 13 35 or fill in our online customer enquiry form.

Source: www.sita.com.au