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Carss Park Australia Day

Park / June 6, 2020

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The impressive 9 pm fireworks display

Every year on January the 26th, Australians join together to celebrate the day the First Fleet arrived at Sydney Cove. One of the best ways to celebrate Australia Day on January the 26th is to head to Carss Bush Park and enjoy the breathtaking fireworks display, as well as the wide variety of live entertainment. The suburb of Carss Park is part of the St. George Area and is located in Sydney, 17 kilometres south of the CBD. Carss Bush Park is in a picturesque setting overlooking the Georges River and it is a great place to celebrate Australia Day, as it has a rich Australian history itself. Jonathon Croft purchased the land in 1854 from the Crown, however it wasn't until 1921 that the land was secured for use as a public park. Many of the surrounding streets were named after Aboriginal tribes to stay true to the land's traditional history.

Carss Bush Park has gained a reputation for being a great Australia Day destination and each year it draws a larger crowd. The festivities begin at 10 am starting with a Citizenship Ceremony, and continue well into the night.

Throughout the day you can keep entertained by wandering amongst the various craft stalls and watching live performances at the Rock Stage such as the Endeavour Harmony Chorus, Sydney Hellenic Greek Dancers, the St George Chinese Choir, fire twirlers and Tongan Community Dancers. Other activities include a flag raising ceremony to symbolise what it means to be an Australian and show the pride we have in our country, as well as a meet and greet with St. George NRL players. There is also a wide range of food available throughout the day, including BBQ and International cuisine.

To finish the night off with a bang, Carss Bush Park puts on an impressive fireworks display from 9 pm until 9.15 pm, which both adults and children are sure to love.

The best way to get to Carss Bush Park is by car and parking is available with a gold coin donation.

The view from Carss Bush Park