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Hotels / July 6, 2017

Bamboo SheetsAre made with the pulp of the bamboo grass. It is a beautiful, organic fabric. have been growing in prominence in the bedding industry. This is the result of several distinctive properties.

Bamboo, a Renewable Resource

Ecologically, bamboo fabric is more than most other textile products. Bamboo fabric is preferred by manufacturers due to its sustainability and green value as a textile. The bamboo plant is incredibly . It thrives in a naturally organic environment. An environment that is . It is sustainable crop that is fast growing and ready for harvest quickly. The method of creating natural bamboo fibre is not reliant on harsh chemicals that cause environmental damage.

Properties of Bamboo Sheets

Finished bamboo yarn is lightweight and robust and perfect for the creation of bamboo sheets. Bamboo fabric is widely regarded to be cool in summer and warm in winter. Finished bamboo fabric has proven antibacterial properties. You can read more here in our article . These antibacterial qualities stay with the fibre even with keeping nasty bacteria and odours away. Bamboo bedding is gentle on the skin and suitable for both adults and children.

As a finished product, bamboo fabric retains several of the characteristics of the natural bamboo plant. Bamboo is extraordinarily porous. The fabric can absorb up 3 times its weight in water. In bamboo sheets, this delivers a highly effective wicking ability which pulls moisture away from the body so it naturally evaporates.