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Working Holiday Australia TIPS

Holiday / May 18, 2021

It’s only natural to feel a little nervous about what happens when you get there, ‘how will I find a job’, ‘which city is best to base myself’ are just 2 of the frequently asked questions on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We touch on working holidays regularly on the STA Travel blog in articles including A Dummies Guide to Working In Australia but this time we’re going to talk you though some top tips for actually getting a job when you’re there.

What job would you like to do in Australia?

Here are 10 things you can do to help you along in your quest to bag the job you want on your working holiday in Australia.

Buy your Work and Play Starter Pack

Our Work and Play Starter Packs are designed to help make the start of your working holiday as easy as possible – leaving you to carry on enjoying all the fun stuff that comes with being in Australia!

The packs are customised for each of the major cities including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and contain airport transfers, 7 nights accommodation, bank account, tax file number, Medicare set up and AU SIM card, 12 months’ access to the Job Search Australia online jobs board and Job Search Australia offices nationwide and a ton of other work and play related activities, bus passes, day trip to help you make friends and start your new life in Australia.

Sydney is a popular choice of base for a working holiday.

Plan Ahead!

Start prepping your CV at home before you go and travel to Australia with a folder full of copies all printed and ready to hand out.

It also makes sense to try and line up some interviews for after you’ve arrived. With the job site membership you’ll get as part of our Work and Play starter packs you’ll be able to start looking for jobs before you leave the UK.

Research, Research, Research

Think about the kind of work you want to look for and where’s best to head to find that kind of job. For example, If you like the idea of working as a dive instructor then Queensland is a great option. If you want to work behind a bar, chances are Melbourne or Sydney are going to have more opportunities.

That said, Australia is so diverse that you shouldn’t necessarily based your decision around work. Research the culture of each place you’re considering and have a think about where you’d be most happy personally.

For example, Melbourne is great for culture vultures and is quite arty, where as Sydney has excellent nightlife, lots of open green spaces and the people there enjoy a very outdoorsy lifestyle so it’s great way to please your city slicker and beach bum personalities. Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns are all different again and there’s the smaller town dotted along the coast to consider too.

Be Open Minded

Take chances and open your mind to every possible new experience. The general rule is – if it feels good, do it!

If you’re used to sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day in the UK, that by no means dictates that you’ll only get jobs in offices doing the same role in Aus. Push yourself, get out of your comfort zone and maybe even start getting experience in the months leading up to your arrival in Aus to give yourself a better chance of bagging a job somewhere a bit different