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Island Holiday Destinations Near Australia

Holiday / September 23, 2018

Kangaroo Island Beaches
Turquoise water and pristine white sand.

Beautiful beaches are highlights of most island holidays, and Kangaroo Island beaches are no exception. Kangaroo Island's 540kms of coastline contains no fewer than 50 unique beaches, each with their own distinct charm.

Vivonne Bay also provides the rugged South Coast's only safe harbour. Two more notable South Coast beaches are Bales Beach, located near Seal Bay, and the more isolated D'Estrees Bay, where pelicans often outnumber people.

Some of the Southern Hemisphere's tallest cliffs surround Snellings Beach, best known for its surf-fishing and rock-fishing. A giant rock-enclosed pool protects the secluded Stokes Bay from the surf. The sandy Western River Cove is the departure point for several fishing and diving charters.

The colourful cliffs of Red Banks, north of American River, rank among the island's best-kept secrets. Only the most experienced swimmers and surfers should brave Pennington Bay's challenging waves, while Flour Cask Bay provides private camping.

North Coast beaches are generally safer than those on the South Coast, but all Kangaroo Island beach visitors should watch for undertows, rips, and occasional sharks. Scuba divers should never dive alone, and locals are often the most reliable sources when it comes to current conditions.

Source: www.kangarooisland-australia.com