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Holiday Working visa for Australia

Holiday / May 15, 2021

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThere’s a lot of information on the (Subclass 417 visa) everywhere on the web and we understand it’s really difficult to find the right way throughout all this. We’ll try to put all the information you need to know about this visa in one article, highlighting each step to take in your great journey to the sunny land Down Under. Take a cup of tea, relax and enjoy this complete step by step guide about the Australian working holiday visa.

Why Australian Working Holiday Visa?

While most of the people want to go to Australia because of the and job opportunities, others want to travel and meet new people. Whatever your reason is, the Australian Working Holiday visa is the most popular visa in the world and it’s one of the easiest to get.

The average salary for harvesting jobs is AU$15/hour, while if you work as a bartender on hospitality job you can get up to AU$23/hour.

Working holiday visa allows you to work for up to 12 months with only one restriction – you should not work with one employer for more than 6 months in Australia. However you are free to work whatever you want as there are no restrictions on the job you take. There is no obligation for a maximum or minimum time you should spend working on this visa, so if you don’t want to make some money – you are not obligated to seek a job at all.

Another great thing about the working holiday visa is the possibility to leave and enter the country without any restrictions for the validity of the visa. This means you could make trips to New Zealand, the South Pacific, even the Southern Asia, as long as you want. The visa validity is 12 months, starting from the day you enter Australia, and you could do that in up to 1 year after you are granted the visa. The visa also allows you to study in the country for up to 4 months!

Visa requirements

The requirements to qualify for this visa are pretty straightforward – you must be between 18 and 30 (inclusive), you must not take any dependent children with you, you didn’t enter Australia on a Working Holiday Visa before, you don’t have any serious criminal convictions and medical issues and you should be from one of the eligible countries below (Australian Government is expanding this list almost every year):

Belgium Canada Republic of Cyprus
Denmark Estonia Finland
France Germany Hong Kong SARegion
Ireland Italy Japan
Republic of Korea Malta Netherlands
Norway Sweden Taiwan
United Kingdom

In some cases you might be required to provide a police certificate as a proof that you don’t have any serious criminal records; or you might be requested to pass a Chest X-Ray or medical examination as part of your visa application but you don’t need to provide any of these in advance.

Applying for the Australian Working Holiday Visa

Applying for the Australian working holiday visa is actually quite simple. You can choose to today, or apply online – each way will take you only a few minutes.