Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Working Holiday Visa

Holiday visa to Australia

Holiday / April 5, 2017

You threw the dart at the map and it landed on the Tasman Sea and now you’re faced with the big question, Australia or New Zealand for your next backpacking adventure? Unsure which country suits you best? We’ve done the hard work for you…

Working Holiday Visas

  • Australian visa - 12 or 24 months
  • New Zealand visa - 12 or 23 months
  • Cost? Aus - 440 AUD, NZ - 208 AUD
  • In Australia, you can work for up to 6 months with one employer, NZ is 12
  • In New Zealand you can only work for 12 months regardless of the length of your stay

Both Australia and New Zealand offer working holiday visas, however there are some pretty big differences that could affect your choices.

The first difference is the price. An Australian working holiday visa is going to cost 440 AUD, which sets you back roughly 265 of your English pounds. A working holiday visa for New Zealand comes in at 208 AUD or £125, less than half the price.

When it comes to employment, they have some pretty similar restrictions. You won’t be able to accept any permanent job offers, but the amazing part is that the options are plentiful - you can work in any type of job, so whether it’s hospitality, retail, admin or farm work that takes your fancy, you’ll be in full control.

In Australia, you can only work for an employer for up to six months, whereas in New Zealand you can stay in your role for up to 12 months, but you can only work 12 months in total for your entire trip, even if you extend your stay to 23 months, so keep that one in mind when it comes to budgeting.

Speaking of extending your stay, both countries have an option to extend your visa once you arrive in the country, but they will need access to your medical records. In addition, if you want to extend your stay in Australia you’re going to need to work 88+ days in the agricultural field. Pineapple picking is said to be a lot of fun though, if you like that kind of thing.

Finding Accommodation

  • Australia has wider choice, with dorms costing 15-35 AUD a day
  • Australian rentals tend to be furnished, NZ rentals are unfurnished
  • Some NZ rental apartments don’t allow couples

If you’re looking for a true backpacking experience, dorms and all, Australia has a much wider range to choose from, and you’ll be looking at spending around 15-35 Aussie dollars a day (£10-20). New Zealand is a little more high-end, but you can still find some budget dorms if you’re willing to pay a little more at 25 AUD a night.

If you want to settle down and really live like a local, there are ways to do this too. In Australia, it’s Gumtree, and in New Zealand your new best friend will be TradeMe. It’s relatively easy to find a fully furnished place in Aus, with a low deposit but in New Zealand you tend to find that most places to rent will come unfurnished, and a lot of them won’t allow couples to take a room. However, rent tends to be much cheaper in NZ and you can find budget furniture in vintage stores and places like the Red Cross.

Jobs and Wages

  • In Aus, minimum wage is 17.70 AUD
  • In New Zealand, minimum wage is 15.75 AUD
  • Seasonal jobs are popular in both countries
  • You can secure a job at a ski resort in NZ before you fly out, with our Kiwi and Kiwi program

Source: www.kiwiandkiwi.com