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Holiday / June 22, 2019

View Our Plans for Superior Quality Australian Modular Homes

Choose the smarter, cleaner building solution and discover Swanbuild’s Australian modular homes. These relocatable houses are incredibly functional and stylish, making them the perfect housing option for those who are starting a family or beginning a new chapter of their lives. When searching for a place of your own, you can count on Swanbuild to deliver the best selection of modular homes that are designed for various types of owners. Our manufactured houses are built at our factory and safe from external elements that may interrupt construction. Once the construction is complete, they are then transported to your chosen residential site. Finding your dream modular home has never been this easy! Phone us now on 1800 008 024.

Find a Modular Home in Victoria, South West NSW and SA Tailored to Your Needs & Budget

We offer a wide selection of designs for relocatable homes. These Australian modular homes are easily transported so you can literally “move house” across the country. Swanbuild specialises in country-style modular homes for those who want to enjoy a laid back country lifestyle and also have a series of contemporary styles for homeowners who prefer contemporary and modern living. Featuring elegant designs and superior construction, there is a Swanbuild modular home to suit every requirement, from family homes to retirement residences and even holiday retreats.