Our Top 5 Tips for a Great Family Snow Holiday in Australia!

Family snow Holiday Australia

Holiday / July 23, 2019

Arrived at ski rider on the Sunday and stayed for 1 week. Check in was easy and welcomed by the lovely guy on the front desk and he was genuinely interested in our travels and he was smiling the whole time. The main building is clean and warm. The rooms are away from the main building which has – 2 x bars one is a grill and bar so choose your own meat and cook and the other one is the avalanche bar which really is just a bar backing onto the eatery area. There is a lounge area with a flat screen TV, games room with 3 pool tables and arcade games, and there is also the main eating area.

Rooms – situated away from main building and ours was near the ski hire area it was very quiet minus the most annoying thing ever and that is the buses (school buses not the lodge ones) that started their engines at 6 50-7am and left the bus idle for ages (HIGHLY annoying) couple that with the school kids that were there at the time running past your room – once they left it was beautiful and quiet! The room was clean and warm. Our room had 3 people in it with 4 bunk beds in the room and it could comfortably fit 4 in it. Being all girls our room was nice and clean and organised ;). It had its own shower which was small but more than enough for what you need. one of our rooms lights did not work and they sent someone to look at it which they did but needed an electrician and they could not come until the next day so we got $50 drinks voucher which we thought was lovely (Such a shame the light couldn’t be broke all week right?! 😉 ). One thing to note is there is no boot drying rack which sucked for the boys in the other room as they were into their snowboarding more than us and often enough had wet boots each morning from their hardcore snowboarding activities. Other reviews complained about thinness of walls – the only time we really heard next door was when the boards were placed into the drying racks or if someone got down from the top bunk onto the floor which sometimes was a thud. Tea and coffee and a kettle were in the rooms and milk, tea, coffee etc refilled daily.

Snowboard hire shop – the quality of products were amazing and a select few staff in the hire area were pretty good. A few minor things like setting my friends board up as normal when she was a goofy rider and also 2 staff members did tease of one of the friends I was with and did not make her feel very comfortable. The main manager guy was nice and helpful. Otherwise the hire gear was great quality, they happily assisted with inquiries and exchanges of stuff when asked and they were open at good hours.

Food – 2 choices, first being grill/bbq option which you need to book each morning at the reception. The tables were not booked it was just limited to a set number of people. Personally I believe tables should be reserved/allocated because some people just spread out wherever as they were in their earlier drinking. With the grill the night we were there the options were T-bone, steak, seafood skewers, marinated lamb and chicken which you cook yourself on big BBQ plates (gets heaps crowed at 6pm I suggest waiting until 7pmish) the side options were various salads and potato bake, vegies etc great quality food just you have to cook the meats yourself. Seasoning and tongs and what not are provided. Second option is the buffet style food which was very nice many options and the choice of 3 different mains each night plus vegies/chips/salad (depending on night) AND dessert which isn’t available at the grill. The food was great every night who ever could eat out of the buffet. I am gluten free and had many options however I have little things that annoyed me with regards to this. First being that I had to fill out a dietary request form which is fine but I didn’t know about it until the 3rd night when I asked for a GF dessert the chefs like sorry if you don’t fill out a dietary request form I don’t know about it. When doing the booking I ensured I alerted them to dietary requests and also confirmed dietary needs on confirming the booking 2 weeks before. So why wasn’t I asked on check in to complete said dietary request form?… Secondly being GF I had to request a dessert as they weren’t out on display to jut pick up and go and I ended up with the SAME dessert every night (I wouldn’t normally care but when the others are getting different things that look amazing every other night and I still had the same ol’ thing it gets frustrating) andddddd if I am completely honest it was not anything great. A bland, tasteless cheesecake :(. Thirdly on the fourth night there were no GF options in the buffet so I had to ask for a GF meal to be cooked and they obliged and cooked me up steak and what not and it was great food however my friends (group of 7 all up) had finished before I had even started my meal. On the fifth night there was no GF options again and they then told me that I needed to go to the grill and cook my own food then I could come back and eat it with my friends in the buffet area meaning my friends would have to either wait for me to cook my food or I eat after them again. When I bought this up with the wait staff (politely might I add) they all huffed like I was causing a commotion. Again this night I began eating after all my friends. I completed the dietary request forms and I always came to dinner at the 6pm-6 15pm mark every night so I was like they know I am here… other than those issues the food was great and more than enough to make you feel overfull! Oh and also no dessert on pasta/pizza night was upsetting for the guys and girls I was travelling with.

Entertainment/Games area – 3 pool tables is great and all however the kids in that room were insane! They were everywhere climbing on everything and hugely inconsiderate! Where were the parents looking after these kids?! Is there not a supervise your children rule somewhere? If not there needs to be one. We didn’t even hog the pool tables generally we played one game and left as they were too annoying! There needs to be an adult pool area or adults only after 7 30pm area or something. Pool table costs $3 which sucked because it was really the ONLY thing to do at night so needs to be a lot cheaper, other than entertain stuff that started at 8 30pm if you were interested in that. Otherwise arcade area was good for the kids and lots used the games. We didn’t get to trivia night, magician was great and very entertaining and we weren’t interested in live music, footy or movie night. We weren’t interested in the music simply because there was really not many people in the 20-30 age bracket to mingle with and the movie night was on a big screen but seating was on the same chairs for breakfast so i.e not very comfy at all to watch a 2hr movie. We rigged up our own movie night in our room, bought our own set of uno cards and played a few other things by our selves. it really is make your own entertainment.

Internet/phone- phone service in rooms and around the joint is scarce however it is available if you are in the right spot. My friend used my plug in internet stick in the room and it worked well enough for her to do some uni work and send emails so it was good.

Laundry – laundry on site with 2 washing machines and 4 dryers. Washing machine was $2 a load, powder was $2 and the dryers $2.20 I think it was so all in all it was relatively cheap to do your washing there – bring lots of $1 coins 😉

Source: www.skirider.com.au