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What to Take Camping Australia?

Camping / August 20, 2020

BEGINNER CAMPING MISTAKES - TOP 10 AND HOW TO AVOID MAKING THEMWe were all beginners once...and I think everyone has made a mistake or two on their camping adventures. Camping doesn't need to be complicated, and it's not rocket science, but as a beginner it can be a little overwhelming leaving your comfort zone to try something new. That's where we can help you.

Below are 10 mistakes you can make when new, and tips on how to avoid them (or at least minimise the chances of them happening).

There are lots of lists on the internet about camping mistakes, and incidentally, a good proportion of them are plagiarised from this very page you are now reading. So, congratulations, for choosing this page as a starting point.

And apart from the 10 beginner mistakes on this page, we also can share with you

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Tip 1: Not Researching Where You Are Going

Mambray Creek

Camping is meant to be relaxed and fun but it will not be that way if you are not prepared for where you are going.

Read up on where you are going, conditions, weather and facilities (water, toilets, campsites).

Spontaneity is all well and good when camping, but a lot of effort can go into getting you from A to B, so take the time to ensure that you give yourselves the best chance of having a good time. This becomes more important if your time is limited for the camping trip.

A little bit of homework in the beginning is an important part of your camping trip. It doesn't have to take hours, but a quick look at some websites, a phone call or email, might just help your camping adventure start off more smoothly.

  • Suggested sites to investigate about your desired camping location (apart from this website) include the relevant National Park authority for your state. This is a worthwhile starting point because they can give you information on booking your site (if applicable), road closures in the park, and campground closures.camping kids Some parks are closed due to seasonal weather activity.
  • If you are seeking a caravan park camping location, then ring in advance and find out costs and availability. Some locations at peak times will be booked up months ahead, and if you haven't planned on this, you could find yourself wandering around for another campsite, eating up your valuable holiday time.

Tip 2: Not Trying Your Equipment Before You Leave Home

Put your tent up at least once in your backyard.

Try that new light.

Work out how the stove operates.

Nothing worse than getting to a campsite, and finding out that whilst it looked to be a basic piece of equipment, you actually need to be a Rhodes Scholar to operate it. Or worse, it doesn’t work at all, and that piece of equipment was crucial to your cooking!!

It's OK to be a novice at camping - everyone was once - but reading instructions at the campsite on how to work something for the first time is not ideal start to your trip. You don't want to be relying on instructions that could fly away or get lost just when you need them.

Trying your equipment out in advance, in the comfort of your home is really important. Apart from knowing how it all works, it stops you looking like a total beginner camper (we have a few tips also on how not to look like a newbie camper).

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Tip 3: Relying on a campfire

Campfires are a wonderful part of camping, and a highlight for many people. But as a beginner to camping, it's worthwhile knowing a few things before you plan on every meal over an open fire.

Campfires can take a while to build up sufficiently for cooking. To put a Camp Oven in the coals, those coals need to be very hot and that takes time. Great when you can do it, but if you are pressed for time and don’t have the commitment to getting that fire set well in advance of dinner, consider having a back up plan.

Also the time of the year can dictate if a campfire is allowed. Not sure? Then check in advance of the trip. Your local fire authority website will have information on the fire bans.

A good back up to a campfire is a barbeque (if you have room) as you can use gas BBQs when campfires are not allowed - in most cases, depending on the rules of the campground. There are a few tips regarding buying a BBQ for camping, and we have listed 6 tips here

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