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Coleman Camping Australia

Camping / November 30, 2020

Coleman was founded in the USA in 1901 after W.C. Coleman came across a gasoline lantern that burned far brighter than the commonplace kerosene alternative and brought it to market. Guided by his entrepreneurial spirit, Coleman took that lamp and turned it into a company that would help the world enjoy the great outdoors with better equipment than ever before.

Coleman camping gear has a special place in American history. Coleman lamps increased the length of a working day for farmers and ranchers in the early 1900’s while Coleman stoves, which were commissioned specifically to help the Allied effort, are considered amongst the most important non-combat equipment developments of the second Wold War.

Coleman is the number one outdoor brand in Australia. Coleman offers a huge variety of products including lightweight camping chairs, tents, eskys, sleeping bags, air mattresses and, of course, camping stoves and camping lights.