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Camping Hammocks Australia

Camping / January 12, 2019

At last, you will never need to find a level campsite. No more roots, rocks or puddles coming through the floor of your tent. No more aching muscles and stiff joints from sleeping on the hard ground. And no more carrying a heavy tent. Finally, a shelter that takes the pain out of the outdoors and protects the environment.

Why a Hennessy?

Tom Hennessy is an award winning industrial designer living on an island off the west coast of Canada. He is a perfectionist so every hammock he designs is uncompromising in materials and workmanship. There are countless tiny improvements that only 20 years of effort could achieve but you can feel as soon as you stretch out in his hammock and close your eyes.

Tom has been camping in jungle hammocks for over 60 years and designing his own models since 1984. In 1999, REI credited Tom with "singlehandedly creating an entirely new segment in the outdoor industry" and since then has revolutionized the camping experience with his five patented features.

New Customize Feature

Now you can build your own hammock. You can mix and match hammock parts for your specific needs. As you will see, sometimes there is only a small price increase to get exactly what you want instead of buying more than you need. Now you can also get a free upgrade to longer 72" or 96" webbing straps when "customizing" any hammock from our website. Our stock webbing strap is 42" which is fine for most situations, but in certain areas of the world longer straps are needed. You can keep the standard rain fly or get one that is bigger or one that provides the maximum storm protection. Most places in the world, even jungles, require some insulation at night especially at altitude. We offer two choices with different temperature ranges. Both of these systems have insulation pads that are wider and will protect your arms and shoulders much better than a standard tent pad.

What's Included

All Hennessys include tightly woven fabrics and high quality support ropes, a matching detachable rainfly, a "no see um" mosquito mesh with an elastic "hold open" for the mesh, a gear loft on the ridge line and a stuff sack with set up instructions on the back. Hennessy Hammock also provides complimentary 42", 72" or 96" long "Tree Hugger" webbing straps to protect the tender bark of trees. All of our support ropes and webbing straps are six times stronger than the weight rating of the hammock. For a limited time free SnakeSkins and Water Collectors are also included.

A Complete Shelter System

Every Hennessy Hammock is a complete shelter system for one price. Often other hammocks look like a bargain until you add up the cost of all the parts, then you find that they cost more, weigh more and are bulkier in your pack than a Hennessy. Hennessy Hammock also has a complete line of 24 specialty hammocks, including jungle hammocks, double bottom hammocks, insulated winter hammocks, camos, ultralights, and the right size and weight for anyone up to 350 lbs. Hennessy Hammocks come in five different lengths from 9 to 12 feet long .

Beta-tested for Six Years

Tom traveled for six years and made over 50 prototypes before going into production and being granted 5 patents for his revolutionary shelters. By the fall of 1998, it was finished. Tom could not add or subtract any features which would further simplify or improve his design. The Hennessy Hammock is a totally new concept for camping hammocks with patents in the U.S., Canada and Internationally. It has been tested in Canada, the U.S., Central and South America, Borneo, Australia, Africa, the Congo and even the Arctic and other extreme and hostile environments around the world.

Amazingly Comfortable

Experience a level of comfort on the trail almost as good as your bed at home and maybe even better. The patented asymmetrically shaped hammock supports your back like a quality mattress off the ground. Tall or large campers and campers with injuries, arthritis, bone spurs or back pain tell us about finding their first night of comfortable camping in many years in the larger Explorer Deluxe or Safari Deluxe models. You will wake up in the morning feeling great. Some owners of Hennessy Hammocks claim that they come home from their adventure feeling better than when they left. Some hikers have tossed out their beds when they got home from a hike and set up their hammock in the house.

Revolutionary Design

The Hennessy Hammock brings truly new features to camping shelters. It has a sleek, asymmetrical diamond shape that provides more usable space inside the hammock for comfort and storage. Features include: Quick and easy setup and packs up in 2-3 minutes. Reduced bulk and pack weight means you travel faster and further each day. Same comfortable bed every night over rocky, muddy, wet or sloping terrain. Never touches the ground. Stays clean and dries fast. Protection from malaria-carrying mosquitoes, leishmaniasis-bearing sand flies, poisonous insects and small reptiles while sleeping in tropical and subtropical areas.

Leave No Trace

The Hennessy Hammock has almost zero impact and is an excellent example of a “Leave No Trace” shelter.

All of our Hennessy Hammock models are provided with complimentary "Tree hugger" webbing straps to protect the tender bark of trees. The smaller the diameter of the tree, the more times the webbing straps go around the tree to spread the load. The environmentally friendly design requires no ground levelling, trenching or staking. When you walk away from your campsite, there will be no tent footprint and almost no sign that you were ever there.