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The Largest Shopping Centres In Australia

Best Place / May 25, 2018

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When it comes to visiting Australia, most of us conjure up images of kangaroos, Great Barrier Reef, and Sydney Opera House. But the country is also known as home to some of the most impressive shopping centers in the world. There are thousands of great shopping centers and this article was created to introduce you to the 3 biggest shopping centers in Australia where you can find anything from best hair products for men to jewelry made from Australian national gemstone - opal.

1. Chadstone Shopping Centre

This giant 2 million square feet shopping center is located in Melbourne. Chadstone Shopping Centre is the largest in the country and the first regional shopping center in Australia. Chadstone was opened in 1960 and since that time it attracts a lot of local and foreign costumers who come here to experience the giant shopping and to enjoy the center's fiberglass roof, bowling alley, and auditorium. There are more than five hundred stores in Chadstone Shopping Centre, including Target, H&M, Aldi, and Gap. So it does not really matter if you are looking for products to maintain a healthy scalp or looking for a wedding suit – you are likely to find everything you need.

2. Westfield Fountain Gate

The second largest shopping center in the country - Westfield Fountain Gate, is located in the same city as Chadstone Shopping Centre. Westfield Fountain Gate is a little bit smaller -1,913,340 square feet. The center was opened in 1970 and today it houses nearly 500 stores and offers more than 6000 parking places. There are two store expansions: 129,166-square foot Myers store and a 45,208-square foot Coles.

3. Westfield Sydney

The third largest shopping center in Australia is located in the city of Sydney. It is not much smaller than the previous two, covering 1,807,380 square feet. The shopping center was opened in 1972 and since that time it has undergone some significant renovations. It is interesting to know that before 2003, the center was known as the Centrepoint Shopping Centre. The Westfield Group purchased the center in 2003, renamed it and invested around $930 million in renovations to merge Westfield Centrepoint with 3 neighboring shopping centers: Sydney Central Plaza, Imperial Arcade, and Skygarden. Today, the giant shopping center houses more than 350 stores.