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Best way to ship to Australia

Best Place / September 1, 2019


At present we cannot accept Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones or any other item containing a lithium battery for delivery to/from Australia.

If sending from a non-residential address where there may be a DHL Paket collection, do not hand the bag to that driver. Please ensure that the driver that arrives for your collection is from DHL Express and not DHL Paket as there can be considerable delays when using the "Paket" service.

Why Ship to Australia?

For many people Australia is a long-haul destination. You may even need to take a few connecting flights to get you there. The last thing you want to do is lug around heavy baggage, especially if you have got a long activity-packed break planned, or if you are moving to Australia. Let Send My Bag help. We pick up your bags from your home and drop them off at your destination on our door to door service, taking away a lot of the hassle.

It’s a fantastic option if you are worried you will go over your baggage allowance or if you have a lot of bulky equipment which can be tricky to transport. Australia is a great place for surfing, hiking, biking and other adrenalin-inducing activities, which require you to bring your own equipment. Send My Bag can easily deliver oversized items safely and securely, making your journey stress free.

Students choosing to spend a term or their full degree course in Australia can benefit from sending their possessions to Australia. This will allow them to bring many more of their things with them than if they were just relying on a few checked pieces of luggage. They can also better enjoy their journey without the added stress of dragging several bags onto public transport.

Ways of Shipping to Australia

If you need to transport items to Australia, you should make yourself aware of the various options available for shipping to Australia. Some options will work out better for you than others. You can choose between several different options for international shipping to Australia. Here are some of them below:

Send Luggage to Australia

You can send your luggage and boxes to Australia with Send My Bag. If you are going on holiday to Australia, or if you are moving there permanently, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by sending your bags with Send My Bag. This way, you can bring many more items with you than you could ever do with just a few suitcases on your flight. You can also rest assured in the knowledge that your possessions are being taken care of for you, allowing you to get on with exploring your new surroundings. Send My Bag has numerous international routes, with a great-value flat rate for each route up to a massive 30 kg. This means that you can bring all your favourite things with you to help you set up home abroad. To learn more about sending luggage to Australia, visit our ‘How it works’ page, or our ‘FAQs’.

send golf clubs to Australia

You can send golf clubs to Australia with Send My Bag and so avoid any oversized or overweight baggage fees from your airline. There are several great golf courses to enjoy in Australia, such as Darwin Golf Club, Alice Springs Golf Club and The Australian Golf Club. Since you can use your own golf clubs you will be able to enjoy playing golf to the full. Read our guide on how to send golf clubs to find out about the best way to package your items..

Removals to Australia

If you are migrating to Australia in the hope of making a better life for you and your family, or if you are returning home to Australia, you will have to consider international removals to Australia in order to transport all of your possessions. Before you hand over anything to the movers, however, ensure that all your items are well packaged so that they won’t get damaged in transit. Use suitable packaging for your items and seal everything up well.