A to Z of beautiful places in Australia

Beautiful Places in Australia

Best Place / October 22, 2015

Apollo Bay, courtesy of Tourism VictoriaBetween the deep blue sea, the dramatic coastline and gentle hills, Apollo Bay has all the charm you’d expect of a town on the Great Ocean Road – and more.

It would be hard to feel blue when looking at this stunning lake at Mount Gambier in South Australia. The lake is in the crater of an extinct volcano and turns a particularly intense blue (as often seen in photos) in November, so plan your trip accordingly!

Travelling up to the tip of Australia is already on many people’s bucket lists, and it’s a beautiful trip. Cape York is one of the most untouched areas in Australia, and this 4WD-only trip passes through rivers and spectacularly verdant bush on its way to the ocean views at the top of the country.

At Dales Gorge, you’ll experience the best of Karijini National Park, from Fortescue Falls to Fern Pool.

The name doesn’t lead you astray; Eden is, well, heavenly. It’s on the south coast of New South Wales, which has a laidback charm missing from much of the more-popular north coast. Sandwiched between the mountains and the turquoise sea, Eden is spectacularly located.

Top of Mt Sturgeon, courtesy of Tourism VictoriaRising majestically from the Bass Strait, Flinders Island is the biggest in a collection of islands that dot the ocean from Victoria to Tasmania.

If you play scissors, paper, rock after visiting the Grampians, you’ll always pick rock – nothing could defeat the majesty of these spectacular rocky mountains. While the Grampians have been recently affected by fire, the towns have all reopened.

While called waterfalls, this natural phenomenon could more accurately be called tidal currents. Hidden in the north of the state in the Buccaneer Archipelago, the inaccessibility of this site only adds to its appeal.

A classic Old West–style saloon, Imperial Hotel in Ravenswood has the sort of swinging doors you can imagine Clint Eastwood pushing through and is a grand remnant from the gold boom in the nineteenth century.

Horizontal Waterfalls, courtesy of Tourism Western AustraliaUnlike Horizontal Waterfalls in Western Australia, Jim Jim Falls is in the more traditional vertical style of waterfalls. Situated in Kakadu National Park, these falls tumble over the plateau into a deep plunge pool. It all looks so relaxing, but think twice before approaching the water – crocodiles have been known to move into the area.

Further south than the more famous Whitsunday Islands, the Keppel Bay Islands have beaches that remain more secluded than many in Queensland (although the water is just as sparkling), sentinel cliffs, abundant forests and native wildlife.

Is Lord Howe Island the most beautiful island in the world (sorry mainland Australia)? Quite possibly. From the imposing peak of Mt Gower to the sandy beaches and distinct wildlife, Lord Howe is simply paradise.

Memory Cove has some of the best ocean camping in South Australia, with its panoramic ocean views, easy access to the beach and bush setting.

These caves are impressive in themselves, but what’s even more impressiveis the collection of fossils that has led to the caves being listed as a World Heritage site.

The centre of Australia is so hot you might want to head straight for water. And you can’t do better than the almost permanent waterhole at Ormiston Gorge, nestled in the mountains of West MacDonnell Ranges.

Conical rocks with tiger stripes? No, that’s not a feature in a Star Trek movie, it’s the startling geological formation of the Bungle Bungles, which will make you awe at the ancient beauty of Australia.

Karijini National Park, courtesy of Tourism Western Australia Naracoorte Caves National Park, SATC/Adam Bruzzone Aerial view of the Bungle Bungles, courtesy of Tourism Western Australia Sydney Harbour Bridge, courtesy of Tourism Australia

Source: www.exploreaustralia.net.au