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The places where people meet in the name of God come in all shapes and sizes. Rural and urban, some are no more than four walls and a roof and others architectural marvels. While they may be merely man-made constructs dotting the corners of communities around the world, the influence of the people who inhabit them can be divine.

This is why we partner exclusively with local churches in developing communities to bring an end to poverty.

Our church partners KNOW their community. They KNOW their needs. They KNOW their children.

The buildings where children attend might be expansive or cozy, ornate or simple. But one thing is for certain, they are a loud-and-clear message to their communities that God truly cares about the “least of these.”

guatemala-GU870-Nazareno-ChurchEnjoy these gorgeous pictures of churches in the developing world!


Nazareno Church (GU870) in Coban, Guatemala has been loving their community long before they became partners with us in 1991. They were founded in 1919 and currently see to the holistic development of 328 kids and teenagers!


Located in rural Indonesia, Christian Church of Sumba Kanatang (IO697) ministers to a community where high school education opportunities are few and malnutrition is common but rarely talked about. This is why we're grateful to be in partnership with them. Not only do they help students with school, through Critical Needs, they have been able to approach families regarding their undernourished children and educate them about solutions within a local context.


St. Peters Kashenyi Church of Uganda (UG218) was founded in 1942 and has been a partner with us since 1999. Located in south-western Uganda, the average age of a first-time mother in their community is 16 years old. This is why they're working hard to provide health care, education and vocational training for young mothers in the Child Survival Program.


togo-TG118-Assemblies-of-God, -DalaveRather than just telling their pupils the importance of seeking education, the workers at Gor Mo Tha Church (TH376) in Umlo Village are showing them with their own lives that the poverty of education is a battle that can be won, no matter your age. In order to truly care for the children and mothers, the workers are overcoming their own illiteracy from lack of access to education when they were young.


Giving birth at home is often a risk for mothers in this community in Mbulu, Tanzania. The homes are more than 10 km away from a hospital and don't have electricity or medicine. About 1, 000 mothers out of 100, 000 in this region will lose their lives during childbirth. KKKT Usharika wa Mbulu mjini (TZ217) provides healthcare for mothers to see that they and their precious little one have every opportunity at life.


Standing on a firm foundation since 1907, Presbyterian Church of Rwanda (RW554) in Murambi has a vision for their community.

uganda-UG218 ecuador-EC375-misión-camino-de-santidad thailand Gor Mo Tha Church Church in Thailand

Source: www.compassion.com.au