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Top Attractions in Perth Australia

Attractions / September 4, 2019

Few parts of the city encapsulate the experience of Perth better than Kings Park; it is historic yet maintains a modern vibe and is being continually improved. It's from here that you can obtain the best views of Perth's panorama, with views overlooking the city skyline, the meandering waters of the Swan River and all the way out to the Perth Hills in the distance. In all, it's a spectacle that can compete with the likes of Sydney Harbour.

Location:18km off Western Australia

With pristine sands and vibrant waters combined with truly unique wildlife on both land and sea all within easy reach of Perth. The island offers a cavalcade of things to see and do and the mere act of exploration of the approximately 11km-long island by boat, bike or foot is an adventure in itself. Getting to Rottnest Island is doable with two quality companies; Rottnest Express (departing Fremantle and Perth) and Rottnest Fast Ferries (from Hillary's Boat Harbour).

Location:Wellington St, Perth

Food, dining and quality culinary experiences play a large role in the city's overall identity, and this is best exemplified by the region's verdant Swan Valley. Dubbed the 'Valley of Taste', the Swan Valley is famed for the quality of more generic offerings such as its cheeses, wines, and fresh fruits, as well as more specific, produce like spreads, chutneys, scones, olive oil, honey and craft beers, making a trip here a true delight for the tastebuds.

Location:17 Victoria Square, Perth

Located right in the heart of the city, St. Mary's Cathedral offers a veritable oasis of peace and spirituality amongst all the hustle and bustle of urban life. Originally constructed in 1865, the building is a living testament to the beauty of the Gothic design. The painstaking care and craftsmanship of the rich wooden pews, marble flooring and stained glass emit a sense of warmth and comfort that don't require any religious affiliation in order to appreciate.

Location:Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

Located within the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, roughly 45 minutes to the south of Perth, the island derives its name from the massive colony of Little Penguins who call it home. There are up to 1, 000 of these cute little creatures that can be found on the island at any one time. When combined with the extensive array of other animal life in the surrounding areas such as sea lions, stingrays, pelicans and dolphins, it's a true delight for those looking to see these creatures in their natural environment rather than the confines of a zoo.

Location:Nambung National Park

In Western Australia, there are few more distinctive than the eerily astounding Pinnacles Desert in WA's Nambung National Park. Renowned for its mixture of both vivid red-orange grains of sand and moon-like rocky limestone formations, the Pinnacles has been a staple of postcards and calendars depicting Australia's physical diversity for decades. While it's not technically in Perth, the fact that it's one of the most photogenic destinations in Australia makes an essential for first-timers to the region.

Location:Bull Creek, Perth

Another Perth attraction that ranks high, the Aviation Heritage Museum boasts one of the most impressive collections of vintage aircraft in existence. With more than 30 full-sized aircraft in total as well as thousands of smaller miscellaneous items of flight-related memorabilia the museum serves as an expansive and extraordinary documentation of aviation history built up over the years by a combined effort of sponsorship, visitor donations and volunteer efforts.

Location:Sutherland St, West Perth

As a facility that wonderfully walks the line between education and entertainment, it's a spot you can take the little ones as they'll not only have fun while learning. Located near Kings Park in the city's central hub, Scitech is an attraction that's completely hands-on. It places an emphasis on interaction and participation from visitors of all ages incorporating a variety of different individual themed exhibits to take part in.

Location:825 Hay St, Perth

Those looking for a drop of culture during their time in Perth will be spoiled for choice, as the city os home to numerous high-quality art galleries, museums and theatres. His Majesty's Theatre is an elegant building in its own right with a sense of class in its ambiance and its on-stage productions as the theatre dates back to the deluge of wealth encountered during Perth's peak Gold Rush period.

Location:Lot 54 Telephone Rd, Neergabby

Located on a beautifully-kept farm just a short drive outside Perth CBD, local operator 1800 Trail Rides offers the chance for beginners and more experienced riders alike to take part in this adventure regardless of age. Offering everything from introductory pony rides for small children all the way up to more advanced 3-hour rides that explore some of the Perth backcountry's historic routes, if you've ever wanted to take the plunge with horse riding then there are few better environments to do so.