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Australia Best Attractions

Attractions / March 11, 2018

When you plan a holiday, you can choose from a whole world of wonders. Yet, some things are found in Australia only. And many of those experiences are found in a single unique place – Jenolan Caves. Hidden in rugged wilderness, Jenolan Caves is on the edge of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, 3 hour’s drive west of Sydney Airport. You can get to Jenolan by car or by coach. An multi award winning destination, we attract people from every country of the world.

A dazzling natural wonder

Jenolan Caves is one of Australia’s national treasures - the world’s oldest and Australia’s most awe-inspiring caves, with dazzling formations and pure underground rivers. Draped with limestone crystal, each of our many caves is astonishing in its own way. Some are enormous and hung with colossal formations millions of years old. Others are intimate and mysterious, forested with the most delicate crystal. Our Orient Cave is reputed to be one of the world's most stunningly beautiful caves. The dark, mysterious underworld is unspoiled, a celebration of nature’s glory, a visual feast. Even if you do not like enclosed spaces, you will be amazed in our vast Nettle Cave, where you can see one of our strangest treasures – stromatolyes. Our self-guided audio tour is easy to use and available in many languages!

Australian native animals

As Jenolan Caves is nestled in protected wilderness in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, in the early morning or at dusk, if you are patient, you can spot various shy Aussie animals - wallabies, kangaroos, wombats, lyre birds and more. Rare platypus are seen daily in our mountain lake – just a stroll from the caves.

Challenge of Adventure Caving

Adventure Caving is an intense experience for challenge seekers. For fitness, learning and confidence-building, our Adventure Caving enables ordinary people to face and conquer their fears deep in the heart of a mountain, without risking their lives!

Renew mind, body & spirit

All our show cave tours and bushwalking promote health, fitness and relaxation. Exploring the underworld involves walking and stairs, while Adventure Caving is more physically demanding. For some visitors, it’s not the caves that draw them, but the huge surrounding reserve. The Jenolan Caves Conservation Reserve is part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. You can walk along marked bush trails, enjoy the fresh mountain air, the tranquillity, listen to native birds, watch for native wildlife and let nature renew your mind, body and spirit.

Historic Jenolan Caves House

Although Jenolan is Australia’s most famous cave system, our centrepiece is the heritage-listed hotel, Jenolan Caves House. The romantic hotel was built in 1897 as a wilderness retreat for the wealthy. It became a popular honeymoon destination. Today, Caves House remains one of few Australian hotels from the Victorian era, and our award-winning Chisolm's Restaurant is one of Australia’s...