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Attractions in Australia for tourists

Attractions / June 19, 2019

A unique experience in all of Australia: the Birdsville horse races!With the recent Australia day festivities, there is no doubt you’re feeling patriotic. Perhaps then, this is the perfect time to go on an adventure to experience some uniquely wonderful parts of Australia, which even as a local you may not have experienced!

If, however, you’ve just used up your annual leave over the recent Christmas period – then why not start to plan for your holiday for later in year. There are so many great airfare sales and early bird deals available this time of year.

Keep reading for some best-kept Australian travel spots that even many locals may’ve missed. Go watch some horse racing outback style, or get lost in a new city. Pack your hiking boots and getaway for some timeout in nature, admiring its beauty. No matter what you choose, there’s plenty of tourist places in Australia to explore… even as a local! Let’s review our 9 tips for 2017, for the great land down under.

1) What is one of the best tourist places in Australia for locals and visitors alike? A horse racing weekend in Birdsville!

Don't let the tourists have the best of Australia. Make sure you check out these tourist places that even Australian won't miss!At the beginning of September, the small town of Birdsville located in far central west Queensland becomes crowded with horse racing enthusiasts. Since its opening in 1882, the special event has grown immensely to a 13-race program, and a trophy for the fastest rider. Come revel in the atmosphere of horse racing and enjoy great entertainment in the heart of the country.

Experience a race day like no other in outback Australia to put Melbourne Cup day to the test. Buy a flight, along with a new suit or fascinator, and make sure that you have a horse race weekend in Birdsville booked, during your Australia tours!

2) The 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Drive is one of the tourist places in Australia not to miss!

There is no better way to travel Australia, than jumping in the car, and taking off on the open road. If you’re travelling within Victoria, then you must add it to your itinerary, and take a drive to the picturesque world class coastline – The Great Ocean Drive, to see the 12 Apostles.

Be ready to have your breath taken away by the majesty of those limestone cliffs. For even more spectacular views, we recommend visiting during sunset, as the Apostles change colour – making it like a magical natural light show. And for more travel tips on where to stop on the Great Ocean Drive, make sure to read:

One of the tourist places in Australia you shouldn't miss? The Sydney Harbour Bridge!3) Many tourists have climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge – but have you?

Sometimes called the coat hanger, because of its arch-like design, there is no better way to experience Sydney than by seeing it from the Harbour Bridge. Many choose to see Sydney from the bottom of the bridge, but if you are courageous enough, climb the ladders to the top of the bridge for an unbeatable view.

Find an ATAS accredited travel agent today for Sydney flights. Or if you’re after more ideas for your time in New South Wales, check out our other blog articles. See what else there is to do in the great city of Sydney, or its neighbouring states!

4) Fancy yourself a bit of a wine connoisseur? Then you will enjoy this next tourist place in Australia. Come wine tasting in Barossa Valley!

Renowned for its fantastic wines and delicious food, tourists and locals all agree - there’s something special about the Barossa. It is guaranteed to be one of the best holidays you’ve ever taken (and that’s not just the wine talking)! The locals are known for their warm hospitality and their passion for fine food and wine. And with celebrations and festivals all year long, it truly makes it a unique place.

Pencil in the Barossa Vintage Festival, April 19-23 in 2017. This biannual event started in 1947, where locals celebrate the end of vintage, and visitors pour in to enjoy events showcasing the region’s wine, food, art and culture. Whether bespoke cosy tastings or multi-town gatherings, there’s over 100 options to select from, in over 5 days. And it’s all located just over an hour from Adelaide’s CBD, in Tanunda.

So, as quoted by Shakespeare, come and crush a cup of wine! As only the truly best pastimes are still as popular to this day. Prepare for this intoxicating getaway now.

Understand the magic of Melbourne by getting lost in the city for a day! Not many tourist places in Australia will make you experience Magic like Bondi will! Experience Rottnest like never before: bike it! Get lost in nature and appreciate the views offered by this tourist place in Australia