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Tourist Attractions in Sydney Australia

Activities / June 12, 2020

The scenic city of Sydney is blessed with some truly spectacular sights, magnificent landmarks and fascinating tourist attractions. Sydney’s visitors are spoiled for choice, with countless places to visit all within a short distance of the city and harbor area.

Since the early 1980s Sydney Centerpoint Tower, recently renamed the AMP Tower has stood out from the city's skyline with its unique design. The impressive tower is the tallest in Sydney and offers great place to do sightseeing of the CBD and surrounding suburbs.

The iconic and unmistakable landmark, Sydney Opera House is world famous for its unique design. The structure was finished in 1973 and has been host to numerous world-class productions and performances over the last three decades. Another must see attraction is the Sydney Harbour Bridge where visitors can climb over the top if they dare.

Sydney Opera House an Iconic Landmark

One of Australia’s iconic and world famous landmark is the Sydney Opera House, it was completed in 1973 and hosts local shows and a variety of world-class touring productions over the last three decades. The structure was made an UNESCO World Heritage landmark in 2007 and is one of the most well-known opera houses in the world. Walking around outside of the building there are bars and restaurants to enjoy with a spectacular location and breathtaking views of the harbour.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Another sightseeing attraction is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Opened in 1932 after six years of construction, this world famous bridge is commonly nicknamed the Coat Hanger for its appearance. Visitors can walk across the bridge at any time and there is also a bridge climb tour that takes small groups of people over the top of the supporting steel frame.

Mrs Macquarie's Chair

Situated on the adjacent point to the iconic landmark Sydney Opera House, Mrs Macquarie's Chair is a sandstone rock that was carved into the shape of a bench by convicts in 1810. Mrs Macquarie was the wife of the then governor of New South Wales and she often sat on the point enjoying the scenic views of the coast of Sydney. The landmark is easily reached on foot from the Royal Botanical Gardens or the Sydney Opera House.

Sightseeing at Sydney Tower

Another tourist attraction is the Sydney Tower, also known as AMP Tower or Centerpoint Tower, a magnificent structure in the heart of the city, which was built during the 1970s and opened in 1981. The tower stands at 1, 001 feet high and is the tallest structure in Sydney. There is an observation deck which offers spectacular views of the city and surrounding suburbs.

Royal Botanical Gardens

Located along the harbor shoreline, the Royal Botanical Gardens encompass 70 acres and were first opened in 1816. The beautiful gardens have a plethora of native and exotic flowers and fauna from around the world as well as a manmade lake, the Pyramid Glasshouse and large sandstone gazebo. Visitors can walk through the parklands or hire bicycles and ride along the pathways.

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