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Activities / August 29, 2020

Edible Weeds - Wild Food MapThis section shows some edible weeds. Most of these "weeds" are introduced species, rather than natives of Australia. They grow in and around developed areas, rather than on undisturbed, native bushland as do the traditional “bush tucker” plant foods that were used by Australian Aboriginies. For an introduction to the subject of edible weeds, see my other page on edible weeds.

NEW: There's an excellent new free app called "Wild Food Map" which shows sites with edible weeds on a Google map. It's been recently released for Android, and the iPhone version is still being tested prior to release. There's about 7000 edible weed tags so far, however a great many more locations with edible weeds will be added. Plus you can add your own. The app also contains a great reference guide to edible weeds. You can find it by searching in your app store for "Wild Food Map".

WARNING: Never eat plants that are growing in an area where they may have been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides (weed killers), or where the water supply to the area could be polluted, such as from urban or industrial run-off. Never eat any part of any wild growing plant unless you are certain you can identify it. Being certain means you have developed a maturity of skill in identifying plants. It does not mean you are pretty sure it looks just like "that plant you saw once on some website".

Source: www.survival.org.au