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Accommodation / January 25, 2018

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Sunset Camel Safari

There’s a reason why camels at sunset have have become synonymous with Broome. A dusk ride on Cable Beach is the quintessential experience when exploring the capital of the Kimberley. For $85 you can join Broome’s self-proclaimed ‘camel lady’ for a one-hour sunset tour, which includes a pair of pearl earrings for the ladies. Morning and late afternoon tours are also available, but nothing beats a sunset ride.

Horizontal Falls

The Horizontal Falls north-east of Broome challenge everything you thought you knew about water and gravity. A natural phenomenon caused by the close alignment of two narrow gorges, the falls occur when massive volumes of water are pushed through the cliff passage on the back of monster tides. The passage can’t accommodate the surging current, and water builds on one side of the gorge creating a waterfall up to four metres high. Various tour operators run seaplane trips to Talbot Bay with speedboat adventures through the falls. Try Horizontal Falls Adventures.

Pearl Culture

Explore Broome’s rich pearling heritage and discover how the gems of the sea lured fortune-seekers from around the globe. Broome was once the largest pearling centre in the world and the tradition is still alive and well today. Start at Pearl Luggers museum where you can view the last two surviving pearling luggers and learn about the perils faced by early divers. Visit one of the handful of pearl farms and discover how the industry has evolved, hear the stories of pearling families, view the spoils of their trade, and be sure to buy yourself a timeless souvenir.

Whale Watching

Enjoy a front-row seat to the largest humpback whale show in the world. Each year Between June and November an estimated 40, 000 whales mate and calve in the Indian Ocean around Broome. Join a cruise and see these majestic mammals in action as they frolic off the coast during their annual migration, breaching and tail-slapping the water in a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. Broome Whale Watching is one of a number of operators that can get you out on the water.

Hovercraft Tours

Revel in the sensation of walking on water when you join a hovercraft trip across Roebuck Bay. Broome Hovercraft offers a number of tours in their unique blower-propelled craft, which will have you floating across the shallows, tidal flats and sand bars to areas otherwise inaccessible. Marvel at 120-million-year-old dinosaur footprints exposed at low tide, see World War II flying boat wrecks, and pad across the tidal flats with a glass of champagne in hand at sunset and enjoy the illusion of walking in the middle of the ocean.

Broome: Where Natural Wonders Met Human Capital

Broome, close to the northernmost tip of Western Australia, has a lengthy human and natural history. Once a hub for the pearling industry, the Broome of today is a resort town but its mystique remains, enhanced by the natural wonders surrounding it.

While in Broome, walk along the pure white sands of Cable Beach, see dinosaur prints engraved in 130-million year-old rocks and hover above oceanfront gorges in a helicopter and watch them fill up violently at high tide. To find out about the humans that made Broome what it is today, take part walking tours or visiting the city’s historical museums.

Travellers to the “Pearl of Australia” can rent holiday homes that range from mansions by the water to modern apartments close to Chinatown and the city centre.

Broome’s Beach Scene

Broome’s Cable Beach is a hub for activities of all sorts. Some sections of the beach are safe for swimming, while others are great for surfing. If you’d rather stay on shore, you can stroll along the 22km stretch of white sand or set up a picnic facing the crystal clear water.

Visitors to Cable Beach can also opt for camel rides along the shore. These tours take place throughout the day and into the evening.